"Get to know who was really Nosferatu"


Year 1725. Max is a 12 years old orphan boy who lives with his grandmother in a village in the Carpathians. She always mistreats him and an entire day she locked him in a pit without giving any food, which leads him to feed on the blood of rats.

Max is rescued by Count Orlok, seeing his unpleasant state, leads him to a healer woman. The woman tells the Count, Max undergoes a series of conditions that will make it different from other humans, and must feed on blood all his life, but that in no way can never be human blood. Despite the warnings of women; Orlok care of the boy and decides to hide in their castle. People presumed dead Max to find the corpse of a child. Max learns much really Orlok who teaches painting, music and other amazing things unheard Max. During later times, in the village are going to produce a series of mysterious deaths and unpleasant.

"Les Sitges" castle in the village of Florejacs (La Segarra-Lleida)

When Max turns 20, Orlok leaves him inherited the castle and all belongings. The boy asks Orlok organize a party at the castle where he meets Ellen. Together live a nice romance until the jealous sister Ellen discovers them. From this moment, the happiness of the moment they were both living brokens, and Max's grandmother eventually learn everything. She gathers the townspeople and organize a lynching against Orlok and Max, in which a series of unfortunate events occur.

Max undergoes a series of transformations that make Nosferatu. Completely disoriented, the monster finds all the answers in the Journal of Orlok and also the woman healed him when Max was a child. Desperate goes to find Ellen, but she refuses him.

A century later, Nosferatu has a dream with a girl identical to Ellen. Visions of him driving to write a letter to a real estate agent to buy a house in the village where resides the girl of the dream, so he could be with her again.


The failure to find any documented, primarily in the world of cinema, about the origin of Nosferatu, unlike Coppola's Dracula, which gives an introduction about 5-7 minutes into the movie information; led me to investigate in depth in the world of vampires, some of my passion for them, both literary and cinematic level. I was surprised to realize that there is much information about strange diseases that today do not exist or are perfectly curable, such as anger or porphyria, and that in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries affected especially to Eastern Europe , making people believe that those affected were evil beings called vampires. However, I thought it was necessary to develop a story to justify the image and behavior of vampire Murnau; without neglecting the essential and wonderful remake did Werner Herzog in 1979.

More than 2 years of research and script writing to address these reflections and invent a story in which you can see who was Count Orlok before becoming Nosferatu. Treat the story since I was a child until he became the monster. Give a realistic sense of the whole story, without neglecting the fantastic, and flee the vampire film seen in theaters lately, vampire-based institute, mostly intended for teenagers.

Another no less interesting reasons, we recover the myth of the first vampire appeared in films for almost a century, and many people know him only from photographs, t-shirts, merchandising, television fragments, etc ... without having seen the original film. This will continue to keep alive this being inspired by a literary work that has survived with great interest for over a hundred years.

A fascinating story in which various ingredients are evident: hatred, desolation, brotherly love, art and music, the discovery of sex, love, intrigue, despair... the fantastic.


This project was selected in the Coming Soon at 47 International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia in Sitges.
The presentation was on Thursday, October 9, 2014 at 18: 30h in the Tramuntana Room at the Hotel Melia.
The October 27 was presented in a special session "El Primer Tast" at "5ena Mostra Som Cinema", at "Cafè del Teatre de l'Escorxador de Lleida" a las 20:30h.


Robert Garcia

Scriptwriter · Director

From an early age, concerns and interests by pursuing film Robert's mind. In part, perhaps by the indirect influence received from his father who, apart from being cinephile, his father makes him discover the magic lantern that projected celluloid on the big screen of a movie theater in town. He teaches cinema operator profession, remembering many of the moments that you will see in the film Cinema Paradiso. At the age of twelve and over the next four years, Robert holds a machinist and instinctively learns the art of analyzing the films to make as many viewings of each.

Within a few years, his fascination with new technologies and computers, take Robert to pursue Engineering. Work as a programmer and web analyst for 13 years at two private companies. But untapped creative abilities and stagnant lead Robert to take a turn in his life and do what he always wanted to do: CINEMA.

Same holds for teacher training courses and short workshops for youth and adults. He founded the production company Plandora Continguts Moreover, Robert is the director of the short film festival Lo Cercacurts, held in Montornès de Segarra and carries and eight editions.

Over the past three years he has written and directed five short films, two of which have won awards at two festivals. He has also co-directed a short animated documentary finalist Animac Lleida Currently looking for co-production of the film "Nosferatu: The Beginning" and working on the creation of two independent documentary projects.



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